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There are some, occasionally overlapping, broad categories:

Arton art and artistry.
Creativityideas, and their realisation.
Choiceswhat we do, and don't do.
Imageswhat we see, show others, and hide.

There'll probably be more categories as I go along.

2006-09-14 Choices

Respect for others is basically all about knowing and believing - to accept at all levels - that other people aren't fundamentally different from yourself. Regardless of age, gender, weight, colour, nationality, bust measurement, religion, dress and music tastes and so on.

2006-08-29 Choices

Some of us aren't entirely comfortable with some of the expectations people have put on us. You wish you could say no, could refuse the responsibility to live up to the expectations. That you could say "No, I don't want to" without being asked for a reason.

2006-08-03 Choices

You build a cage around the beast, since you don't want to be held responsible for what it does in your name. And not everybody is skilled at building cages. We're all familiar with the weak cages, those that fall apart after a couple of beers. But what about the people who are really good at building?

2006-07-28 Images

Most people have anchors, something that is a secure mooring in life. It can be something close, like the family, the home or the job. It can be a friend, or a club, or church. It's something that anchors you, something fixed against which you can see where you stand in relation to life and the world.

2006-02-20 Images

Maybe I should begin this with the wrong way, because that's often seen and recommended in the remake-yourself tips of glossy magazines. The reason for this is that the wrong way works and is much simpler than the right way. Or maybe I chould say that it appears to work...

2006-02-04 Images

Maybe the important thing isn't to phrase a definition that's true to everyone, but to look at the question from a few different angles and let people think for themselves. We'll see. There is an answer, in the end.

2006-02-04 Choices

In the article Find five faults, I wrote about habits, behavioural patterns and attitudes. It might be a good idea to explain these a bit more.

2006-02-03 Images

"Someday," I said to my sorta-date, "I want someone to paint a lissome young blonde, and label her, 'The Philosopher.'"

2006-02-01 Choices

What happened to the dreams? What happened to all the things I would do? The girls I loved at a distance, the books, songs and poems I would write and be hallowed for, the places I would see, the people I would meet, the photographs I would take, the things I'd buy, all the things I would learn?

2006-01-18 Choices

There are five aspects of your life you can try to change, namely your home, work, family, friends, and leisure.

2006-01-09 Choices

A look at the courts regulating human behaviour.

2006-01-06 Creativity

Something to kickstart the creative process.

2006-01-06 CreativityImages

A look at the problems of being creative and lazy.

2006-01-03 Art

A step-by-step reasoning to get a definition of what art is.

2006-01-03 Art

So who is an artist, when you get down to it?


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