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A new drabble, each Friday. I hope.


A study of a relationship and how it can react to an attraction. By its forked nature, it is occasionally updated and extended, in which case the date will be updated to reflect this. Some parts are a bit adult in nature, just so you know.


A little satire, written for a competition in 2003. After it failed to win the prize, I posted it to


This is a long, illustrated narrative of Britain, beginning when old High King Uther is still alive, and planned to run until his more famous son is crowned. Losely based on a long campaign I led in the Pendragon role-playing game. (I can't be bothered to make this pretty with stylesheets and whatnot now. If I ever get around to continue writing - and edit and rewrite what's here - I'll take care of it then.)


Co-authored with Marco Villalta, this is so big and popular it has its own subdomain.


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