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Weekly Drabble

Vade Retro

Oberführer Schultze was, professor Worbleham thought, a sour Kraut. But he'd offered him the chance to build his machine, which the idiots at Oxford had refused, so he tried to placate him.

"But the machine works!"

"Nein! You zed you vould bring the artifact der Führer requested. Not a person!"

"The machine can only take living tissue through time," Worbleham said, pointing at the naked and confused Roman soldier beside him in the machine. "But this man was there, at Golgata."

"Ach, but you promised the lance!"

Worbleham grinned. "No, I kept my word. I brought this peer of Longinus."

I blame the Cliffhangers theme from Irregular Web Comic for the inspiration of this one.

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