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This is most of the more prominent characters of the Chronicle of the Years Between the Kings. There are some exclusions, characters who are important but nevertheless remain rather mystic. Characters who disappear after one or two years are also excluded, unless their make really significant contributions to the story. Note that some of these are Player Characters, and some are not.

For each character the information given is as it was at their introduction in the chronicle, so there are no spoilers of significant changes. Year of birth, a brief background and an indication of when they first appeared in the story is is followed by a listing of notable traits(15+), passions (15+), statistics (max-2 and above, also notably low) and skills (15+).

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Amlyn Band Caletus Ceredig Cerwdd Collum Dafwydd Elffin Galerus Gwyn Hild Hywel Maelgwyn Oban Osric Owain Pertacus Rhodrig Robert Sigurd Stanley Tyngyr


Amlyn was introduced in 497, when he took service as a soldier in Royston. He was born 477, and as the second son of a minor banneret in Salisbury, he got married young to a daughter of a baron in Vannetais, Brittany. Seeking to win glory in Great Britain, he sought, and got, a position in the Royston garrison. He was soon raised to a higher role, which he earned with his loyalty, skill and unbreakable energy and enthusiasm.

TraitsEnergetic, Generous, Prudent, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Honour
StatisticsSize, Strength
SkillsFirst aid, Sword

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Band was the Lord of Bedford when the campaign begun in 494. He was a shrewd businessman and a good leader, but had degraded himself in the eyes of his lord, Earl Robert of Huntington when he was young.

TraitsVengeful, Generous, Deceitful
PassionsLoyalty (vassals), Hate (Cadlew)
SkillsCourtesy, Intrigue, Stewardship


TraitsMerciful, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Love (family), Loyalty (Windsor)
SkillsAwareness, Read (latin), Sword


Ceredig was born in Wuerensis 468 AD as a son of a legionarus named Cunobaros. When the campaign began in 494, he had already served more than six years as a soldier in Bedford. He had married a maid, but she died in childbirth, leaving him a daughter. Apart from her, he also loved his younger brother dearly, although he occasionally found it hard to believe that Owain had left childhood.

TraitsEnergetic, Temperate, Valorous, Suspicious (religious people)
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Love (brother)
StatisticsSize, Strength
SkillsSword, Battle


When we first met him in the year 495, Cerwd had just left the monastery of S:t Albans to return to his father Cadlew in Royston. He was born in 467, and received all the training his older brother got as son to a Lord. However, in his sixteenth year he had a vision when praying and decided to become a monk. He was a very intelligent man, and absorbed knowledge all his life. His greatest talent lay in the field of healing arts, but he lacked neither courtly nor martial skills. He was considered an almost holy man by some who had been impressed by his christly ways, and when his father summoned him to his side he spent a week fasting and praying, tormented by the conflicting demands of his two rulers - his lord and his God. Finally, he left the sacral life to re-enter the secular.

TraitsChaste, Energetic, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Pious, Temperate, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Love (christ)
SkillsChirurgery, First aid, Religion (christian), Stewardship, Horsemanship, Sword


Collum made his first appearance in the story in 495 as Lord Band's huntmaster and stablemaster. He was a born in 464 and spent most of his early years alone in the woods around Bedford, where his father held the huntmaster's position. When his father was killed in a Saxon raid, Collum, who had served as hunter at the castle, got the job at the age of 20. Collum was a silent man, who performed his duties efficiently.

TraitsEnergetic, Honest, Merciful (animals)
PassionsLoyalty (lord)
StatisticsDexterity, Appearance
SkillsAwareness, Hunting, Horsemanship, Spear, Longbow, Dagger


Dafwydd originally came from Kent, where he lost his whole family to the Saxons. Born in 470 to a poor mercenary, we first met him in 494. He was calm and prudent, seldom getting into trouble. He had found a wife in one of the villages near Bedford and served as an ordinary soldier at the castle.

TraitsPrudent,Temperate, Valorous
PassionsHate (Saxons)
StatisticsSize, Strength


Elffin first appeared in the year 494. Born 470 in a small Lindsey village, he grew up to become a mercenary soldier. Both he and his father, who was a mute whose origins were unknown, were scorned at in the village because of their foreign looks, and he is unwilling to talk about this. He was a friendly and honest fellow, although he is noted for his temper, especially when concerning getting up. He was rather lazy, so if you were going to wake Elffin in the morning, you had better be careful. But once he had hit someone he usually forgave most transgressions. He was a simple man, more comfortable with the company of peasants than nobles.

TraitsGenerous, Honest, Cruel, Worldly, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord)
SkillsFlirting, Sword


TraitsMerciful, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Love (family), Loyalty (Windsor)
SkillsDancing, Stewardship, Sword


Gwyn was born in Hertford in 464 and spent many years as a mercenary, serving in the same company as his closest friend Oban. We first met him in the year 494, when he was recruited to the Bedford garrison. He was a friendly fellow with an easygoing manner, and although he was scarred and far from good-looking, he had a wit and charm that made him one of the favourites of the women at the castle. He was an very experienced and competent warrior.

PassionsLoyalty (Oban)
StatisticsStrength, Constitution
SkillsHorsemanship, Sword, Dagger


TraitsHonest, Reckless, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord)
SkillsChirurgery, First Aid, Recognize


When Hywel first appeared in the story in 496, he served as a soldier in the garrison at Beale Valet in Huntington. Despite his youth - he was born in Lindsey 473 - he had already earned a reputation of being a good composer, and had served Earl Robert with a couple of songs telling of his lord's accomplishments.

TraitsPious, Prudent, Valorous, Suspicious (other lands)
SkillsCompose, Sword


Maelgwyn was born in Hertford in 467, in a minor branch of Earl Gilbert's family. We first met him in 494, when he was a bachelor knight in Bedford. He was a proud man, putting great store in the fact that he was a nobleman and born from an old and glorious family. He had a terrible temper and often lost control, letting his emotions rule him. Apart from Band's son and heir Brendig, he had no friends in Bedford.

TraitsReckless, Valorous, Proud (nobility)
SkillsIntrigue, Stewardship, Sword


Oban was born in Hertford in 463 and spent many years as a mercenary, serving with his friend Gwyn. We first met him in the year 494, when he was recruited to the Bedford garrison. His scarred, ugly face and distant and cruel attitude frightened the other soldiers. He seldom spoke, and kept to him self, but at times he could show a sense of humour and comradeship that surprised the people around him. With the possible exception of Gwyn, he was the most skilled warrior at Bedford.

TraitsVengeful, Cruel, Modest, Valorous, Suspicious (nobles)
PassionsLoyalty (Gwyn)
StatisticsDexterity, Strength, Constitution, Appearance
SkillsHorsemanship, Sword, Dagger


TraitsVengeful, Modest, Trusting, Valorous
PassionsLoyalty (lord)
SkillsGreat axe


Owain was born in Wuerensis 470 AD. In his early years he spent a lot of time with an uncle who was horsemaster to the lord of the area, and he valued his fine courser highly. He was a friendly fellow, very popular among the women who liked both his beauty and his innocent ways. When the campaign began in 494, he had already many children, but he was never a seducer. Rather, he often found himself seduced and used by reckless women. Not letting this frighten him, he was seen in the company of women often enough to give him the reputation of a womanizer, but in truth he seldom sought sexual intercourse. His only reasons was a desire to try to understand them, and the comradeship he somehow found among certain women.

TraitsEnergetic, Honest, Valorous, Suspicious (religious people), Trusting (brother), Reckless (women)
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Love (brother)
StatisticsSize, Constitution, Appearance


Pertacus was born in the year 472 as the third son of the steward in Venta Isonorum in Lindsey. He began his career as a sergeant in the city watch, where he got to know Elffin. In the year 494 he and his friend joined the ranks in Bedford. He was an apt student of architecture, and found much glory in the building projects he took part in. Like Elffin, he was not too energetic, but in stark contrast he had style. Whatever he did, he tried to do with flair and elegance. Should he fail he would be quick to cover up, never loosing his face. A staunch supporter of the Roman ways, he nevertheless got along well with other people, and was, in his time, a respected member of the court.

TraitsValorous, Proud (Roman ways)
PassionsLoyalty (lord), Loyalty (emperor)


TraitsEnergetic, Prudent, Valorous
PassionsLove (family)
SkillsIntrigue, Battle, Horsemanship, Sword

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When the campaign begun Robert was the Earl of Huntington and the liege of Lord Band in Bedford. He was a good lord who cared for his subjects and vassals, as long as they behaved in a correct manner. He put great store in honour, and was devoutely christian.

TraitsJust, Pious, Prudent
PassionsLoyalty (Uther), Honour
SkillsCourtesy, Battle, Horsemanship, Sword


TraitsProud, Wordly, Reckless, Valorous
PassionsLove (family), Hospitality, Honour
StatisticsSize, Strength
SkillsHunting, Great axe, Dagger

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TraitsEnergetic, Forgiving, Honest, Merciful, Modest, Prudent
PassionsLove (family), Love (horses)


TraitsJust, Cruel, Valorous
SkillsAwareness, Sword

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